CSS not loading

I have seen this issue common among beginners but the other forums have not helped me solve the issue.

I am building a website using Hugo and serving it via Nginx and with my Raspberry pi 3.

HTML elements load just fine, which is what weans me to think its a Hugo issue, but I’m not sure. However the CSS for my theme does not load. I built the site using ‘sudo hugo’, and serve the ‘public’ folder off of my pi.

Site source code: https://github.com/hevans16/raysonline.space.git
Hugo Version: v0.72.0

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The baseURL in config.toml is malformed. Include protocol.

The plain base domain that i currently have is a result from trial (using http://domain as well as the www hostname), and continued error

Look at /index.html in your public folder, in particular the href for the style tags.

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