AMP on Neltify not working

Hi all,
I have AMP (accelerated mobile pages) available on my HUGO project but they are not visible on Netlify ( ).
Has anyone find this before?

hugo env.:
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.66.0/extended windows/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

EX: for
Hugo is generating the page under “amp” folder and I declare the link to that page in the non Amp equivalent in head like this:
<link rel="amphtml" href='http://localhost:1313/amp/page/' hreflang="en-GB" />
Then google is taking that page on the server and shows it on search results.

On local I can navigate to that page but making a deploy on Netlify I notice that there is a redirect or something that makes the /amp/ folder to looks exactly the same as the route.

I downloaded the files and there is no redirect - the amp folder contains the normal files (non AMP).

Please follow the advice at Requesting Help.

Update Hugo version from 0.58.1 to 0.66.0 made my day. Thank you

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