AWS Amplify - No CSS styling loading due to 404s

Hi all, I have a Hugo server which is running fine locally, but when I deploy to AWS Amplify I am getting 404’s for all of my stylesheets. Some examples of how they are called from index.html in the public folder:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href=" ">  
  <link rel="stylesheet" href=" ">

It successfully builds and deploys via AWS Amplify, when I visit the public URL with dev tools on I am seeing these errors:

slick.css:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
etc etc…

Not sure why it works ok local (Mac OSX) and now when deploying through a linux container in Amplify, the server is giving 404s

Looks like it may be related to this post - no content is loading

Solved by ensuring base URL was “/”

baseURL = “/”