After build with hugo V 0.96 - no files in public folder

Hi there ;D
I build with the quick start tutorial from hugos website, Hugo V. 0.96, but I can see no files in the public folder. In the content folder have I the first post file set draft = false. Now my question, what make I wrong ?



Hello Bogus,

Could you share your repo, so it’s easier to see what the problem could be ?

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Hello ;D

OK, I have found my foul … is sooo simple … I must hugo write in the terminal, not hugo server. So build hugo the files in the folder Public ;D

Thanks for your help ;D


Just as addition. You can force hugo server to write to publicDir like this:

hugo server --renderToDisk

or harder (but slower)

hugo server --disableFastRender --cleanDestinationDir --renderToDisk

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