[SOLVED} Hugo Site on GitHub Pages No 'public' Folder


Using Hugo Latest, GitHub pages Free, and I am following these instructions:

Deployment with Wercker

Now you can edit contents/about.md in your text editor of choice, but this is not necessary for the purposes of this guide. Running the following command will build your Hugo site into the public directory.

Once the website is build, it’s a good idea to run the following command to start a local server and ensure you’re changes have been implemented:

Two questions arise:

There is no PUBLIC/, so what are they referencing?
What following command?

Thanks in advance.

Looks like the command is missing. You would run hugo from within your project directory, with any needed switches, to generate /public.

Ah yes, tested and that worked, thank you :+1:

So who can modify that document to include the missing command?

PR’s welcome.

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I will run through the entire HOWTO, keeping notes, and will fork the repo for potential PR. Thanks.

Thanks. See the contribution guide linked here: https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo