Public folder and its content not generated



  • I tried several themes, but I do not see the public folder generated even if my blog runs well.

  • Even when I created the public folder manually and set publishDir = "public" in config.toml file, I see no output files inside public.

What am I missing? I need the public folder with the output files there.

Thank you for your suggestions/help.


Use hugo to generate the files.


If you want the files to be generated by hugo server, use the --renderToDisk switch. It’s off by default, because rendering in memory is faster.


That was helpful. Thank you very much.
Sorry if my question was stupid, but I am new to Hugo and did search during this weekend but did not find a solution when I read the documentation.

Thank you a lot.


No problem. There’s a lot to get through. That hugo writes to public is here:

The switch is more esoteric. You can do hugo --help or hugo server --help for more info at the CLI (works on Mac, should work on Linux, not sure about Windows).


You were right!

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