Adding support for Org rendering hooks

I would like to suggest adding support for rendering hooks for Org rendering. I’m looking to learn Go programming language so I would love to contribute to adding this feature.

If anyone has any advice that would point me to the right direction I would be very grateful.

What the heck is Org rendering?


Org is one of the content formats supported by Hugo, the same as markdow (see the list of supported content formats in the followijg link Content formats | Hugo ).
As for render hooks, you can read more about them in the documentation (See the following link Markdown render hooks | Hugo ).

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Estimate based on all of the repositories (hundreds) that I have examined while supporting users…

Sites with markdown content only: 99.5%
Sites with content in one of the alternate content formats: 0.5%
Sites with org mode content: less than above

So… I don’t see this happening. The cost far exceeds the benefit.

You might consider converting org content to markdown with something like:

cc: @kaushalmodi


That sounds reasonable, thanks for your answer!

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