Adding md files to content root (content) without adding link to the main page (Dimension theme)

I am using the Dimension theme in Hugo.
As it can be seen there are 4 links in the main page:
which are INTRO, WORK, ABOUT and CONTACT. And there are 4 .md files with same names in the content folder:,, and

My question is this:
Can I add more .md files to content folder without showing them as links in the main page? For example I want to have in content folder without it showing as a link in the main page.
I know that I can change the draft attribute in a .md file to true and it does not show as a link in the main page. But then I want to have a link let’s say in that when clicked, it opens and renders it. Is this possible?

Thanks for any help on this.

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@tooraj There are a couple routes here:

  1. You don’t do any templating or learn how to develop with Hugo, which is okay, but that means you need to reach out directly to the theme’s owner via the respective GH repository for “Dimension”:
  2. Read through the Hugo documentation on themes: From there, you can reach out to the community with specific questions about how to build/modify websites with Hugo…

I apologize, but this is the third thread you have opened with the same question. I have gone ahead and closed the other two topics. I hope this helps you get started with your new Hugo site. Cheers!