Contact form with sendinblue and hcaptcha

Hi there

I have website generated with Hugo hosted on linux with a php contact form, I would like to get rid of php form so I can move site to GitHub pages. On GitHub I cannot run the php form so I want form built with golang to post using service sendinblue and hcaptcha to avoid spam entries.

required fields are

  • Name
  • Email
  • Message

if it is doable please provide a cost and what else is required. design is not required only the functionality


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please reach me at skype
to get the quote

Skype - cis.seth

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Hello @pitifi9191. Is the job still open? I personally use contact forms on my portfolio, made with Hugo, and I think I can help you with this.

Please email me so that we can discuss things further.

You can check some of my works by exploring my profile.

hi @UtkarshVerma

yes I received a response from a non Hugo developer who said he will try to check how Hugo works but haven’t heard back since.

and I also recieved a response from Hugo developer who said will check how sendinblue works and still haven’t heard back.

You are welcome to provide a quote thanks

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