Adding dynamic referral link from article metadata to sidebar

Hello, I’ve searched wide and far and have yet to see this use case. I have a call to action on my sidebar to go to another site. I want to attribute it to whatever article the reader is on. I have the correct link in the article front matter. What is the best approach to this? I haven’t seemed to found any so far.

Many thanks!

What does “attribute” mean? Perhaps if you showed what you’ve done, and which part you are trying to add to the link, we could assist. :slight_smile:

I figured out you can put variables in the front matter and how to call them from the page template but is there a way to map variables in the front matter?
For example

linkpath: "?a=PRLBLIOI"

I’d like to map that value to the name john_smith so that the user can just put john_smith in the front matter rather than an unreadable string.