Add "hacktoberfest" label topic to more issues in the repository?

Hacktoberfest for some is a motivating factor for starting (or returning) to contributing to open source. I know the repo has had a “hacktoberfest” label in the past. I was wondering if more issues should be labeled to keep the repo in a ‘participating’ status?

I think that it is better to wait for joining it until DigitalOcean solves the problem.

Looks like they are trying to reduce the spam.

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It did and is participating.

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That’s great to see!

Unfortunately, it looks like if you work on docs via gohugoio/hugo it doesn’t show up for hacktoberfest.

But hopeful it does bring some more people to this wonderful project.

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I have added the hacktoberfest to the main code repo, too.

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