Add Accepted Answer Plugin to Forums

There are times in the forums when some individuals attempt to call out errors or nitpick in other’s responses especially where questions and support are needed. This behavior is sometimes toxic as it leads to chatty discussion rather than productive answers.

Please address this with the following plugin addition to the Hugo forums:

/cc @digitalcraftsman


It appears it could help indeed. Many user don’t know to add “SOLVED” to the title of their thread.

They would easily click on a button to notify the solving though.

I’ve seen this plugin in other Discourse-based forums and it seems to work great.

@anon94969202 I’ve only the status of a moderator in this forum. In the settings I can see that the discourse-solved plugin is installed and activated. However, I’m not able to access the settings for this plugin. I guess there’s some option to make the solve button visible.

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I have enabled this for all categories. You can now see a checkbox on the main list as well, which shows up empty for unresolved. The checkbox is kind of hidden behind the ellipse on each post.


I updated “requesting help” to say to use this.