Academic Theme: Blogdown error

I had run the Hugo-Academic package.

Under “Add-ins” serve_site
I had put Tools -> version control -> project setup.

I then modified the various files, exchanging my info from the default info.

At each change, I checked the visual or re-ran serve_site to make sure I didn’t break anything.

The last thing I did, was to turn some of the pages off by changing true to false.

I ran serve_site again, and the pages or widgets I had turned off, were indeed, turned off.

I shut down and when returning for a new session, I could not serve the site.

Error in shell(cmd, mustWork = TRUE, intern = intern) :
‘“C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Roaming\Hugo\hugo.exe” -b / -D -F -d “public” --themesDir themes -t hugo-academic’ execution failed with error code 1

I don’t know what that is telling me or how to resolve it.

This is not a Hugo console ERROR. A casual search at the Academic theme’s GitHub repo shows that this is a Blogdown error. See here:

However I am afraid that we do not offer support for Blogdown in this forum.

If the above link does not solve your issue feel free to ask the Academic Theme’s author directly over here

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