Academic - site.webmanifest - new logo

I would like to know which is the right procedure to change the Academic icon with a new one.
I created a new “partials” folder under the “layouts” folder. I updated header.html with the new icon but nothing has changed.

If I share my website on WhatsApp, twitter, etc., the Academic icon still appears.

Not tested:

What if you try removing the opening “/“ so that it’s “img/_icon-192.png”?

I haven’t tried it yet.
Please check the attached image.
After executing the hugo command, I don’t have the new path as in the new header.html file. It seems that the new header.html file has no effect.

Should be “_icon-192.png” instead of “icon-192.png”.

Did this get resolved? My guess would be a caching issue with GitHub Pages, if you previously pushed a commit with the default icon.

I changed the approach again.
I followed the instructions as per link below:

If I share the link via WhatsApp, it works correctly.
If I try to create a post on LinkedIn, the academic icon appears again.

Now, it works.

Probably you are right.
I tried after two days and now it works.