Section and page under it not being generated

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Using Hugo Extended v0.100.2
In my content folder I have a folder named “machine”. I gave the directory an so it would be considered a section (I will not actually need a page generated at /machine/index.html
Inside the machine directory I want to have a separate page bundle for each machine.
It is generated in the content folder (with the proper machine front matter) with:

hugo new machine/Machine_Name/

In the front matter of this page “draft” is set to false.
Machine_Name should now be a leaf bundle and I can put page resources like images in there.
But when I generate the static site the machine directory (and the page that should be found at
/machine/Machine_Name/index.html) are not generated.

I have created a layout named machine.html and put it in my theme’s _default layout directory. (I first tried creating a theme_name/layouts/machine/single.html but that did not work either.
What am I missing?

Also, why in my repository is there a content/Machine (capitalized)? I used lowercase (machine) for everything (directory name, layout name, archetype directory). I’m definitely confused somewhere.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


title: "Machine"
date: 2022-06-21T15:06:45-05:00
draft: true  <-------------------------- No

That explains BOTH of my questions in one fell swoop. Thank you, Good Sir!
I did get a /machine/Machine_Name/index.html generated.

Got it to publish and read Front Matter. Yay!

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