404 - on images

I am using coder theme of hugo.
I added under /content/ the about.md which use images like:

![Ronen Miller](images/myself.jpg)

And my /static/images include this jpg and many more.
When I am trying to see the about page - I ma getting 404 - looks lke it is expecting for:


and it doesn’t have it there.
What am I missing here?

Show your markdown code (or better, a link to your repository).

You probably need to use the absolute path by adding the leading slash.

![Ronen Miller](/images/myself.jpg)
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Just found out the I need to add about and then images under static - If I am using content/about.md.
Works fine now.
This was weird that I need to structure another folder under static acording to the file name in content folder/

If you need this structure, consider using leaf bundles and your images(s) as page resources.