404 error when "Setup hugo"(using github workflow)

im tring to use github workflow to update blog automatically. But actions failed when “Setup hugo”.
Following is the error:

thanks for helping me! :heartbeat:

Try again. Looks like there was an incident on GH.

i have tried servral times, it still failed :sob:

I have no idea why there is a 404 error. Do i write wrong version of Hugo?, Following is the result of the query from the command line:

At first I wrote it wrong, then I changed it to “0.106.0”, but it still failed

Please share your workflow file.

thank you for your patience!
here is my workflow file:

Change runs-on to unbuntu-22.04 and test again.

With runs-on: macos-latest I think you are running into this issue:

If the details from that issue are correct, you should be able to use version 0.101.0 with macos-latest.

it works!!! Thank you so much!

Which one works?

Change runs-on to unbuntu-22.04 :grinning:

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