2 questions from Newbie

Hello, friends!

Please, let me ask several questions. I’m newbie, and sorry for noob questions.

Before I’m working with Jekyll and Gatsby. But now I want to try Hugo because it’s faster and more functional than Jekyll, and more simplest than Gatsby.

  1. Should I know Golang, if I want to build my sites with Hugo? If it’s recommended for working, I can spend 2-3 weeks to learn Golang basics. But my primary languages are JS and PHP. For Example, I want to create new simple themes (with Bootstrap) for my sites. I don’t want to use existing themes from other developers.

  2. Can I display last-published, and last-modified dates with Hugo? For example, in Jekyll, I should use a third-party plugin (named: Last-Modified-at), but that plugin doesn’t support by developer anymore, and it’s problem for me. And it’s poor, that Jekyll doesn’t support last-modified dates for markdown files by default.

  1. No need to know Golang.
  2. Yes you can.

Thank you for the answer!

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