0.123 removed my tag descriptions


I’m using custom descriptions for each of my tags:
example: i have a /content/tags/germany/_index.md
for the germany section, that would add some details of the section:

- test
Thumbnail: 2023/05/
date: 2023-05-12T20:57:17+02:00
title: "Germany"

**Towns:** [Berlin](/tags/berlin) | [Hamburg](/tags/hamburg) | [Munich](/tags/munich).

but since the latest update, it doesn’t work, the description is now just empty,

any hint, what i should change?

Still works for me with v0.123.3.

Post a link to your repo and maybe we can see what the issue is.

Please provide a site that can be built w/o error.

I just built your site locally:

Thank you. You’ve found a bug:

If you don’t want to wait for the bug to be fixed…

mkdir layouts/tags
mv layouts/taxonomy/tag.html layouts/tags/term.html
rmdir layouts/taxonomy/

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