Youtube shortcode not working locally

Suddenly, all youtube shortcodes like this:

{{< youtube RrpTd6Nu4Is >}}

don’t bring up the correct video - just a blank item with an error about giving too many redirects.

This problem is happening throughout my hugo server local site, but is non-existent on the actual website on the internet.

Restarting the hugo server doesn’t solve the problem.

However, if i wait long enough (~5 min) everything is fine again locally.

I have never encountered this issue till tonight. Usually, the embedded video shows up instantly on the local server.

I found this:
An err_too_many_redirects error in Google Chrome is a sign that the webpage you’re trying to load is stuck in a redirection loop. If the number of redirects exceeds 20, Google Chrome will stop the process. This allows you to try another page or check for errors or problems with the website, Google Chrome, or your connection.
How to Fix Err_Too_Many_Redirects in Google Chrome

but I don’t see how it relates since the same browser (Vivaldi which is chrome based), works on the web, but doesn’t locally (unless i wait).

So right now, all is well, but I would appreciate any insight into what is causing this problem locally.

The problem you describe is specific to your environment; the built-in “youtube” shortcode works as designed. You might try raising a question at Stack Overflow or similar.

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