Too many redirect ''

Today I have just opened and got an endless loop with the error ‘ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS’ in all of my browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Is that something happening on the hosting or genearating new sites?


Same here :de:

(Solved) Working now. Tnx @bep

An alias loop I would guess.

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Thanks, @bep. It’s fixed.

The introduction to templates – – seems to be having the same problem.

So is the documentation page for the cond function:



It puzzles me a little that these issues pop up now. These redirect have been there for a long time. Maybe people start to actually read the docs.

For technical interested:

  • The hugo docs creates a 301 Netlify “_redirects” file based on the alias definitions.
  • We have turned off the Hugo alias feature (client side redirects), which is why the above is only a Netlify issue


It seems like something changed in the hugoDocs/Netlify config (probably that feature that you turned off?)… I have not yet investigated.

The reason I believe this is a deeper issue is because was giving a 404 earlier (and it was working fine the last time I modified it)… and I had to remove the aliases front-matter to fix it in my last commit to it.

Something changed with multi-languages and aliases setting?

It something has changed, it is now working correctly.

I have diffed public/_redirects in Hugo Docs from Hugo 0.46…0.40 with identical output, so if something has changed regarding this in that timeframe, I think it would have to be in the Netlify code.