Www redirect

Current test site is up and running https:// cloudychance .io

Everything is working great except I am able to navigate to www cloudychance io but I do NOT want this to be accessible. Simply because there is a certificate error.

How can I force redirect www.cloudychance.io back https:// cloudychance.io?

Thanks in advance.

This is not a hugo question. But I’ll try to help.

Who is your web host?

I answered my own question not long after I posted this. Duh!!!

Thanks for responding!

Looks like I am still missing something.

https cloudychance io works great

The following urls work properly:

https www cloudychance io redirects to https cloudychance io

The following urls do not work properly:

http cloudychance io
http www cloudychance io

I am unable to redirect. DNS is google domains.

As mentioned previously, help us help you. I’ll ask again, who is your web host?

google bucket frontend by google lb.