Theme breaks when using www subdomain


I’m using the hugo-coder theme on my website, using DigitalOcean and Nginx. It seems to work fine when I go to my website as-is however when I go to the same website with the www prefix, the styling is gone with the content intact. From what I understand it sounds like the www prefix should be a 404 page but it still links to my content. I’m not sure if this is a Hugo problem or Nginx where I just need to configure Nginx to redirect domains? I tried searching and haven’t found anything relevant to my problem. Here’s a link to the built Hugo code:

Thank you for any help!

Let’s forget it is www for the moment. Let’s call it noodle.

Do you want redirecting to Yes or no? If yes, you need to fix the paths to your assets so it loads correctly. It no, don’t point at your server.

What you probably want is a redirect: when someone goes to, you’d like them to instead land on That depends on your web server and DNS, and is beyond these forums, but I encourage you to look those up for your particular setup. :slight_smile: