Wowchemy: Publications and Preprints

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to split my publications into two different widgets: one with the published papers and the other with the preprints. They were both created importing a .bib file, using the academic CLI.

If I add the publication_type = 3 for preprints or 2 for published papers in the [content.filters] of the files /content/home/ and /contente/home/ it indeed filters only preprints and publications in the home.

The issue for me is the link in the “See all publications”. This leads to a page called /publication-type/2/ , which looks badly formated, with a big number 2 as a header.

Is there a way to keep the filter and also have a long list in the spirit of the page publication/ that’s created when no filter is added? Any suggestions on how to handle preprints/publications would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Github: GitHub - rtargino/starter-academic


Hi there,

The Academic theme is a complicated one and you may have a better chance at getting help by asking the theme maintainer directly through their GitHub issues tracker.