Wordpress to Hugo Exporter

Hey Guys,

I tried the Wordpress to Hugo Exporter:

It’s working but after a period of time, i get a timeout (i was lots of posts, around 10k).

The other options linked in that page are not working either (directly with PHP or WPCLI).

Is the author of the plugin on the forums? Is it possible for him (or maybe someone with PHP knowledge) to modify it to allows to select a part of the posts, like it is the case with the regular XML export that is included in Wordpress?

The default XML export allows to choose your posts via a period of time, which is very handy if you have lots of posts.

Maybe there is another tool i can use? I tried the python script Exitwp - https://github.com/thomasf/exitwp ; it’s working but i encounter other problems (embed codes not exported, some html codes missing. Is there some other tools i can use maybe?

Yes, @SchumacherFM

You should definitly run the exporter plugin on the command line and not using WPCLI. Please set in the php.ini the entry memory_limit = -1.

Without deeper PHP knowledge it is pretty hard to export such a huge amount of pages.

One best way would be to create a XML export of your blog and import that XML into your local development enviroment. Then run the plugin there. Maybe ask a college to help you.

Can you please post a screenshot or any other debug output?

Also, keep in mind, that your post’s URL should be in the format /2016/01/25/your-post… If it’s in the format like, ?p=1234 it won’t work with hugo and you will have a very hard time doing things.

Is it maybe possible to have an option in your plugin to select a period of time where the posts will be exported? I don’t know how hard it would be to add such a feature,

I will try to install the database or the xml on a local computer to see if the exports works better (i don’t have admin on the server i’m hosting the wordpress blog) and post results here.

thanks! i have setup the nice urls indeed, i prefer them, they are so much nicer to read :slight_smile:

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