Win10: Hugo works only in one folder? Creating new side, yes. Something else, no

Hello to all. Just install Hugo on Win10, Hugo has only function in the install folder. Can create a new side. Change to the new side, hugo is unable.

Any ideas?

Thanks for help,


Sorry for my bad English, greetings from Germany.

Hello @mcgutschy,

as I understood you were able to create a new site with the hugo new <my-awesome-site> command. Which steps did you after the creation?

Could you add further information of what you changed?

Hi digitalcraftman,

thanks for wanna helping me. I go to the install folder. ‘hugo new’, new side is create, change directory to, hugo is unable. ‘hugo new folder’. The command hugo is not function.

Maybe something with the PATH variable is wrong. Have tried as user and admin.


It sounds much like you didn’t added Hugo to the PATH variable. When executing a command the shell is looking for an executable with the name of the command in your current working directory.

If it can’t be found in this directory you can define a list of paths where the shell should look instead for a binary that matches the name. This list is stored in the PATH variable.

Reading the installation tutorial for Windows in the docs should explain all necessary steps to setup Hugo properly with the PATH variable.

It also sounds from the above that you’re trying to create your Hugo sites in the same folder as the directory where the Hugo binary is installed to.

I’m a OSX/Linux guy, so not sure exactly what the layout is in Windows. But I’d imagine you’d want to be creating your sites somewhere else, such as in your home folder –not the same directory where the Hugo binary lives.

As @digitalcraftsman says, once your $PATH [or Windows equivalent] is set properly, you’ll be able to invoke the Hugo command from within your $HOME [or Windows equivalent] directory .

Ok, will test the PATH again. Will tell about it.

Type the PATH direct in the shell, so all works fine.