Wikimedia/fandom -like theme with infobox

Hi there - I’ve done some searching and found that the closest thing I can find for an infobox like with wikimedia is this post: MediaWiki Template

However, the person didn’t post (much) code. I also looked through the themes as well and didn’t see any there. The biggest thing is creating an infobox. My goal/project with this is to make a small POC of sorts to showcase some CI/CD and other coding-related things I can do by using the api. What I would like to end up with is a few pages similar to bulbapedia/fandom -like wiki.

However, I’m having trouble figuring out the right theme. I also know I could potentially create this through something like docuwiki/wikimedia then export to static sites, however I was hoping to find a static site generator or theme for Hugo that does this.

Does anyone know of a Hugo theme or other static site generator that may already have this theme or capability?