Why won't my website run?

my website is : http://antoniopano.netlify.app

I’ve posted on netlify but I’ve been told that it’s not on their end. I’m not sure what part of my code isn’t working. I’ve mostly updated only the experience and netlify.toml a bit.

What does this mean? Be specific.

When I clone your repo and build it locally with v0.105.0, it throws the following error:

calling getenv: access denied: "WC_POST_CSS" is not whitelisted in policy "security.funcs.getenv"; the current security configuration is:

  enableInlineShortcodes = false

    allow = ['^dart-sass-embedded$', '^go$', '^npx$', '^postcss$']
    osEnv = ['(?i)^((HTTPS?|NO)_PROXY|PATH(EXT)?|APPDATA|TE?MP|TERM)$']

    getenv = ['^HUGO_']

    methods = ['(?i)GET|POST']
    urls = ['.*']

My website won’t deploy. Is there something I could do on my end to help with the error you received?

How about the Netlify log?

Assuming that this is the log:

The error is:

executing “partials/widgets/experience.html” at <.date_start>

Now look at content/home/experience.md. Two of the date_start fields are blank.

Presuming you don’t change the HUGO_VERSION in netlify.toml, then you don’t have to do anything else.

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