Why print date in listing pages though not define a date in frontmatter?

I am trying to implement a list template.
HUGO version is v0.80.0.
_index.md has not date property in frontmatter but a listing page renders date using the date property of a regular page in the same hierarchy.
Why does print a date?

I have the following structure:

├── branch_a
│   ├── _index.md <-- not have a date in frontmatter
│   └── foo.md <-- have a date in frontmatter
├── branch_b

layouts/_default/list.html looks like:

{{- range (.Paginate .Sections).Pages -}}
  {{ if .Date }}<li>{{ .Title }}: {{ .Date }}</li>{{ end }}
{{- end -}}


title: Section A


title: foo
date: '2016-05-16T22:46:57Z'

The rendering result(http://localhost:1313/branch_a/) is following as:

- Section A: 05/16/2016
- foo: 05/16/2016

Thank you in advance.

see different .Date attributes. You can define in CONFIG, how to get it.

PS: if you dont want the dates, remove {{ .Date }} from list template

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Thank you for your answer!
I don’t know how to define different .Date attribute.

PS: if you dont want the dates, remove {{ .Date }} from list template

I wasn’t affected by definition about .Date, I’m thinking of removing it.
Thank you!

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