Range ByDate = blank page

(sorry for my english. french here)

When I wanted to sort with date {{ range .Pages.ByDate }}

  • $ hugo server = page rendered ok
  • $ hugo = doesn’t work blank page

Its very strange… :face_with_monocle:


{{ range .Pages.ByDate }}
{{ end }}


date = "2019-06-29"

I have to use {{ range .Pages.ByWeight }} to work … but I don’t want to use this kind of sorting :frowning:

Welcome to the forums @blackmaze.

We would need to see your code in order to appropriately help you. Can you share it?

But without seeing it, my first thought is if you are passing flags to your command, say to build drafts or something like that?

In front matter I use dates that are in future I think is the problem… Impossible for hugo to build with future dates in front matter?

edit : ok the flag –buildFuture resolved my problems. thank zwbetz to lead on the way (draft)