Why is it adding .html to links?


I’m wondering why is HUGO adding .html to my links, for example if you go to https://stanislavromanov.com/blog you see one entry which links to https://stanislavromanov.com/blog/test-post.html, however I would like the link to be https://stanislavromanov.com/blog/test-post. I don’t use uglyURL=true.

Source code of the project: https://gitlab.com/stanislavromanov/stanislavromanov/tree/master
Build log: https://gitlab.com/stanislavromanov/stanislavromanov/builds/2013564

You can start by posting the complete project (including theme). I tested your project and it works fine (no html suffix …), but it looks ugly which suggests a missing theme, which suggests the theme has a layout template that creates the URLs you see.


I’ve posted the full project, it’s on GitLab.

This may be it:

Yea but I removed it, shouldn’t it fix the problem?

Yes, but you need to rebuild the site with it.

Your site works fine when I tested it, but as I said: It isn’t complete (missing theme?)

Oh, ineed the html generated is correct (without .html). There must be a problem with my webserver then. Thank you. BTW styles are awkward because you need to do gulp build for them to build css and js.

Turns out it was my cloudflare settings that were wrong. Thanks!