Hugo architecture not working when hosted on gitlab

I am new to Hugo and tried to create a hugo website using hugo’s tutorial and then putting it online with a predefined theme named simplicity using the gitlab tutorial.

However my website seems to be missing the theme for the index page and the structure seems to be missing. You can find the gitlab repo here and the website here.

For instance, the posts link does not link to but to .

The website works like a charm locally and I am not sure how to fix the structure on gitlab. Thanks for your pointers.

P.S.: in addition to Rick’s answer, what helped me is to rebuild the website and pay more attention to the cache/trying with a different browser.

A quick check shows your site is trying to load css from assets, but in your project, static does not contain the assets folder.


Hi Rick,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
Do I need to use this folder/architecture? I am still unsure how it works but locally the css is built from the theme directly. As shown on the enclosed images.

Hey, I rebuilt the site and the css seems to function now, only the link structure is still messed up.

Glad to see it.

Your baseurl (in your config.toml) is pointing at a subfolder, so those links need to be like:


Thank you so much for the answer.
It’s now working. I think I did not pay attention enough to the cache as well when doing modifications. It’s nice to see that the community is attentive.
Have a good day.

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