Why I started using Hugo and Why I Love it

Just a bit about my experiences with Hugo so far.

I feel I must say something about my experiences using Hugo.
I started learning Hugo in January 2022 and it has taken some time to get to a stage where I can produce simple websites.

I wanted to get away from WordPress so started developing in Django until I encountered issue with the database stopping.
So I. turned to Hugo to get away from database dependency.

I really like Hugo and the way it is built and it’s speed.
Every Time I was stuck on something of days at a time, I eventually worked out that it was something foolish I was doing or not fully understanding causing my issue.

I still have a lot of understanding to learn it was well as I like to but just to say I really like Hugo and working on Hugo. The capabilities are huge (sic) and I find myself not finishing something because I want to improve the method and try the other capabilities all the time.

Great job Hugo guys.


I too went from WP to Django to Hugo. Django is great for web apps but it’s overkill for a simple blog site. The only time it’s worth it is if you have an existing Django project and want to use Wagtail to add some basic CMS functionality to it. Even then, I would consider installing Hugo on a subdomain or /blog instead.


Mine was Blogspot, WordPress, Jekyll, Hugo. Quite the journey.


Something really old → PostNuke → Drupal

After that I split, Django/Wagtail for complex web apps and Hugo for most other sites.

What I like most with static sites are that you can deploy and forget them. No need to worry about security updates etc.


I started because I needed a blog and a tool I could master on my own without relying on a third party. I found all of that and more, and the language still is too convoluted for my liking (to say the least), code that works once works always, and I never have any trouble using and melding commands/functions once i read or am told how they work, because I own them.
First experience with web developping, html css etc, and I love it, having made my site exactly how I wished it to be months prior.

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The last few months, I came across Static Site Generators which piqued my interest. After some research, I narrowed down to Jekyll, Hugo, Eleventy and Publii. Publii and Hugo were the easiest to install. I played around with them on and off for several weeks. Eventually, I was able to concentrate on Hugo and replicated 3/4 of my blog features in WordPress with Hugo. There was a learning curve (I guess it was to be expected) but what sold Hugo to me was the multilingual support because I have been planning to translate some of my posts, and Hugo fit in like a glove. Several tutorials and checking and re-checking the documentation and now I have a working site that is still being polished. Quite an amazing SSG!

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