Why doesn't layouts/_default/atom.xml work?

If I have a layouts/_default/rss.xml, it can generate RSS for every home, section, and taxonomy. But if I configure an Atom media type and output with an “atom” base name, and define layouts/_default/atom.xml, no atom.xml file is generated anywhere. I have to name it layouts/_default/list.atom.xml, and then it will work for home, sections, and taxonomies.

layouts/_default/rss.xml is one of the paths in the RSS template lookup order..

Right. So why can’t atom.xml be a path in the lookup order for custom media types and outputs that correspond to the base name “atom”?

Because the lookup order for rss templates is not the same as the lookup order for custom output formats.

It sounds like it could work that way, it just doesn’t. I will make a feature post asking for it. Thanks.

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