Where is RSS template(s)?

Hugo is creating RSS files for me, but I want to customize them and can’t find any templates for it in the hugo-future-imperfect/ or ananke/ theme directories–no files with an xml extension or rss anywhere in there names. hugo-future-imperfect/layouts/_default just has the files single.html, list.html, and header.html, and recursive greps don’t find any of the element names from the generated RSS in any template files.

As described at Alternative RSS/ATOM feed template I put the rss.xml file shown there in hugo-future-imperfect/layouts/_default/ but that didn’t have any effect.

Am I missing any steps?



How does your site use the theme? I woudn’t put the file in hugo-future-imperfect/layouts/_default but rather layouts/_default (as in, the override location). This way if/when you update or change themes you don’t loose your customisations.

The Alpha-Church theme uses an alternative RSS feed for its podcast. You may find it useful to have a look here https://github.com/funkydan2/alpha-church/tree/master/layouts/sermons

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Thanks, I didn’t see a layouts/_default directory, but once I created one and moves that rss.xml file into their, hugo used it.

Is the use of a layouts/_default directory documented anywhere?



Glad it worked.

There’s some information about directory structures in the docs.

Thanks. It would be nice to see the distinction between directories that “hugo new site mysite” automatically creates and ones that you create yourself (and why), explained in a central location.