Why do custom 404 pages not work on Hugo localhost?

Hugo server should try to show 404 page on HTTP 404 · Issue #874 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub states:

Hugo’s built in server will not automatically load your custom 404.html file, but you can test the appearance of your custom not-found page by navigating your browser to /404.html.

I have been running into this problem a lot, as I’m trying to customise some themes, including their 404 pages. Whenever I go to a nonexistent page, I get a blank and blinding plaintext 404, despite the existence of custom 404s.

Seems like a weird oversight or bug?

The quoted statement is correct.

If you want to test your 404 page, just visit localhost:1313/404.html and you’ll see how it would appear.

As for why the 404 is not shown, I can’t remember the explanation but if I understood it correctly, Hugo server (usually localhost:1313) is not a complete server for it to understand a 404 error and load the 404.html.

You will have to install a complete server like Apache or Nginx and generate the Hugo files there, and use it as your localhost server.

At least that’s what I would do.

EDIT: minor edit to ‘localhost’ part


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