Why are identical files in the publish directory touched (modtimes)?

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I use infinityfree as an (outdated) hosting service, that provides a ftp server, and with it I use filezilla. It allows to upload files either more recent, or bigger.
Problem is not all new files are bigger, and hugo always create all the files in publishdir, it does not leave alone files that are the same, it recreates them (hence with a different modtime). I tried --noTimes but that is not how it works/is meant for. So I get to upload big files that haven’t changed.
I wish there was a feature to no touch files which haven’t changed. Or not change modtime/creationtime. I suppose that would involve hashing or something similar.

Yeah… Tell me about it ! But infinityfree doesn’t allow anything else ! So unless you know a hosting that do all the following, I’m all ears !

  1. isn’t netlify, because they kicked me out several times. And when they didn’t (a safe account for a friend) then there’s some weird issue no one can help with about that stops me from uploading anything. I mentioned it here.
  2. free
  3. that usable, unlike github… I said how many times that I can’t do it now that they banned the old password access

It’s not so easy, or people wouldn’t resort to subpar solutions that suck. And paying is out of the question.

Anyway, too bad ! That would have helped a lot. Could it be a feature then ? To create files without touching modtime in case they’re identical ?

We don’t update files. We create files. Every time.

FTP is a bit… old fashioned. You might look at rsync or rclone instead; the files are hash checked. Or use Git.


By overriding your original post you have made this thread nonsensical. Please restore your original post

Sorry I can’t, I changed “support” to feature like an idiot and it happened !
I’ll correct :rofl:

No. Why spend time supporting a workflow that was abandoned over decade ago? Your unwillingness or inability to learn something new is holding you back personally and professionally.

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