Which OS do you use Hugo on?

Which Operating System do you use Hugo on the most?

I’ve listed all the supported OSs according to Hugo’s readme. If you use an unsupported OS please choose “Other” and comment. I’m very curious to know where most of the users are, maybe you are too.

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • Android
  • Other

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Also, Android is a supported OS for Hugo? Who uses Hugo on Android? Such an interesting use case.

Update #1:

We’re about 3 days in with 23 votes. macOS usage is almost double Linux with Linux and Windows neck and neck. I’m actually very surprised. And that mysterious Hugo on Android user showed up in the polls!? :laughing:

Which part is surprising? :slight_smile:

Also interesting to think about these results being from active community members vs folks who don’t visit the forum :thinking:

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Yer right, macOS users care more about Hugo, and are more sociable! :slight_smile:

I’ll say this: Hugo has a lot more interesting results compared to general websites. We get to discuss local OS, rather than web server. I’m not interested enough to make a poll, but I’ve wondered how many host on a CDN-type service versus a VPS/web server.

Do other static generators have polls like these? Similar results?

Is it you? :slight_smile: I’m surprised that someone uses Android for Hugo.

Yup, that’s the modern world. It’s not necessarily who’s the majority but who’s the loudest or most active. Community is about participation. :slight_smile: It would be interesting if we could know if everyone who really isn’t active here tend to skew to one particular OS.

Ooo. I kind of am. Anyone else would be interested in this?

I’m not sure. I’m on the Jekyll forum so I could check there and report back.

I think it would be interesting to see the data on Hugo Downloads from Github by type and version each week.

Also some gathered analytics from specific keywords in the forum like year to date posts mentioning mac or linux or windows. Many other interesting insights could be gleaned as well.

Mine the data thats already there :slight_smile:

So, I gathered up some additional statistics and turned this into a blog post: https://www.feliciano.tech/blog/hugo-operating-system-and-architecture-stats/