What will be an easy technique in Hugo to auto generate i18n files from translation api?

Hi there,

I wonder if it is possible to generate i18n files from translation api?

is it something doable in Hugo using the get remote?


An example

sent to microsoft to recieve 10 different translation versions


to store directly in i18n folder instead of embedding in a page by page

No. Hugo’s output is restricted to the publishDir. I think you will have to perform these operations before you build the site.

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Hi @jmooring

I can generate the i18n file before the build, but can Hugo generate new i18n and .md files using layout or some other technique to send and receive translations via api using the resources.Get or resources.GetRemote?

What I’m attempting is to produce translations for i18n files and.md files in a Hugo project for testing purposes. I believe it is achievable, however I have been stuck for a week with no success due to my inadequate expertise.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

I am trying at the new page generation hugo new /fr/about/index.md which can use resources to first get the relevant page in English send for translation and then generate page.

similar to this but native Hugo so i can keep the file format .yaml etc and use it on all projects without external dependencies