What is the correct way to access and format dates from frontmatter

i have created a field in frontmatter,

lastdate: 2019-04-13T04:47:50.384Z

and i am accessing and formatting it like

<div class="col s4 m4 l4 red-text">
		Last Date : {{ dateFormat "Monday, Jan 2, 2006"  ".Params.lastdate"}}

But i am getting following error.

Any help?


Try it without the "" around .Params.lastdate:

{{ dateFormat "Monday, Jan 2, 2006" .Params.lastdate }}

Also, to be safe, just in case you have content that does not have that frontmatter value, I would wrap it in a with block to test first:

{{ with .Params.lastdate }}
  {{ dateFormat "Monday, Jan 2, 2006" . }}
{{ end }}

Thanks @pointyfar , :+1: