What is the best way to manage content for a blog?

I’m on the way to migrate my blog on hugo. Right now it has 90 posts. And there is in plans to add around 60, may be more. I’ve decided to use page bundle hierarchy, because this seems to be more clear. What about post’s images? More flexible way is to collect them all in /static/img or in post bundle?

If I collect images in the bundle, this seems to be more consistent.
If I collect images in /static/img I can navigate to this folder and explore all exisiting images in one place. Image repeat is less probably.

You have named the advantages and disadvantages. So, it is also a matter of taste.

I prefer to sort file or folder names chronologically. So this is my way to go:

├─ 2020-02-05-my-firt-post
├─ 2020-02-06-my-second-post/
│ ├─ index.md
│ ├─ image.jpg
│ └─ film.mp4
└─ 2020-02-07-my-third-post/
├─ index.md
└─ featured-image.jpg

This way stray images and files can be easily avoided, and images can easily be processed.

Also, you can retrieve the date from the folder name:

    - date
    - :filename
    - :default
    - date
    - :filename
    - :default
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Cool one. I’m going to make something similar:
├─ [002]_travel-to-france/
│ ├─ index.md
│ └─ editor-notes.md
├─ [003]_september-vc-release/
│ └─ index.md
├─ [004]_october-podcast/
└ └─ index.md

And to store all images and static files in /static/. Is this looks ok with page bundles?

That looks ok.

Please note this comment:

The image is a Page Resource, and the processing methods listed below do not work on images inside your /static folder.

If image processing is not needed there is absolutely no problem.

If I remember properly you could process images from a folder within /assets/.

For other file types like mp3 the static folder is a perfect place.

My preferred method of dealing with images is suggested by Forestry. If you omit the headless: true part in the front matter, then you’ll still be able to browse the uploads directory.

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