How to organize post images in an scalable manner

I’m new to Hugo and would like to request opinion on what would be best practices to organize the images associated with a markdown file.

I thought about reproducing the content tree under /static/img with a subdirectory with each page slug in which to save all the images associated with that page. For instance, assuming the following content structure:


Then /static/img would have the following image containing subdirectories:


Would this be a good approach? or Would another approach be more appropriate?

How can it be managed in a scalable manner? Would it make sense to create a frontmatter param (e.g. img-path) with the directory path?

IMHO it’s better to create a subdir for each post, and store the related images in that dir. Like:


Use page resources instead. See example

And then you can render them as follows

More on page (leaf) bundles