What is the best Open Source CMS for HUGO?

I can’t remember the name, sorry, but the Netlify CMS was turned into a community project and lives in in the form. You can do some search and likely find it pretty quickly.

It’s this I think:

Hi @HugoCharly
I didn’t find an alternative so far: I’m still waiting for a clear statement from Netlify about the future of their CMS, hoping for a revival, and watching the development of Static CMS, hoping that a community gathers around this project.
Note that this recent post about Static CMS provides a precious insight


Yes the fork is nice BUT :sunny: Is this project dead? - #67 by mmkal - Netlify CMS - Netlify Support Forums

It’s not improving upon what Neylify CMS is, it’s a tabula rasa kind of fork

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Aha same answer same time, Breizh timing

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Some good news on the Netlify CMS front. It’s being rebranded as Decap CMS and will be maintained by one of Netlify’s agency partners. Excited to see where this goes.


In case anyone is looking for a free and open source local CMS that runs on a Desktop, I created BuhoCMS (think of it as a GUI for Hugo) :smiley:

For those interested, here is my pitch in this forum: I created a GUI for Hugo static sites and would love your feedback: BuhoCMS :raised_hands:

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Switching from WordPress, planning to try buho thanks!