Build Performance

Faced a performance problem, put together a test project for 25,000 posts. In the end, he was going so much

Hugo version v0.82.0-9D960784 + extended windows / amd64
CPU: i7-8700k
RAM: 64 Gb

I wanted to know how normal this time is, what time is considered normal. And where is the best place to look for problems. Maybe some operators in hugo are very expensive

Can we look at your project?

Yes of course


Thanks moorereason.

As I said in this thread, having a paginator for thousands of post is a non sense. And is one of the main impact on build time.

Removing this IMHO error for design/UI, should allow people to wait for a proper technical solution for thousands of pages as announced by Bep.

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Easy optimization (that won’t likely solve your larger issue): anywhere you see a cache potential of 100, you should be calling that partial via partialCached.

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