What are valid values for hugo new --kind=% test/test.md

i want to understand hugo and improve the docs/code
can anybody answer
why hugo new --kind=% test/test.md works and what --kind= should be?

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Given the files in the archetypes folder:


Some valid examples would be

hugo new --kind=myarchetype1 test/test.md
hugo new --kind=myarchetype2.mmark test/test2.mmark
hugo new --kind=myarchetype3.md test/test3.md

Kind will default to default if not set, and it will default to “.md” file suffix if not set in kind.

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okay, even more confused now
should --kind check if parameter is valid?

Is that important for your documentation?

Note that documentation is about documenting existing functionality, not some “maybe it should have behaved differently”.

the --help docs says:
-k, --kind string Content type to create
so i expect that when i use (or use it wrong) anything happens
i think it should check for valid (available) Content types?

right now this hugo new --kind="***" test.md just “works”

Let me know if you have any real questions.

okay, sorry for wasting your time

i read new.go and create/content.go
(i should have done this first, sorry)

real question:

i would prefer to return err instead of only printing