Using kind in the front matter in >=0.123.0

In 0.123.0, this change has been merged to read the kind in the content front matter and interpret it as the page kind. Now, if I assign a random string to the kind field, I get the error:

Error: error building site: process: readAndProcessContent: "PATH/TO/CONTENT/": unknown kind "6" in front matter

My project depends heavily on the use of kind for many different purposes, preventing me from upgrading to a newer Hugo version.

Is there a way to keep using my custom kind in the front matter in Hugo >= 0.123.0?

The three fields in that change were specifically excluded from the documentation:

Don’t use them in front matter.

I suppose you could do this in front matter…

kind = 6

and then access the value with site.Params.kind.

But to avoid confusion I’d choose a different field name.