Websites using Hugo in Africa

I had some free time to check Hugo usage in African Countries based on data from built with. The pie chat below shows the results (total = 493 websites). (Some countries did not show any data).

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This is the Hugo World Map according to Google Analytics:

With data from this year (starting Jan 1).

  • Big in China
  • Biggest in the US (south and west)

There is a big uptick in usage in recent years. Also, I checked a few sites when gathering this data and some are using very old Hugo versions (one had v.0.30). I guess coz some are static and rarely need updating. The most surprising for me was Sao Tome and Principe coz it is a very small island.

Does GA also offer the option of ‘per-capita’ info? Now that would be interesting….

119 at Greece, pretty small number.

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