Web gateway of a decentralized social network (SSB)

Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) is a peer-to peer communication protocol, mesh network, and self-hosted social media ecosystem. It is a quite hidden network and only about a few thousands people using it at the moment.

After some research I decided to use HUGO to build a static gateway of SSB. It only hosts public content which is about 10% of all SSB content. At the moment there are about 300 authors and the HUGO build output is

                   |   EN
  Pages            | 105255
  Paginator pages  |    922
  Non-page files   |      0
  Static files     |     74
  Processed images |      0
  Aliases          |   2035
  Sitemaps         |      1
  Cleaned          |      0

Total in 55399 ms

The website is https://www.setinhash.com

  • I used the nice noteworthy theme.
  • It supports LATEX using MathJax. You can use $ for inline math and $ for displayed formulas. More instructions here.
  • As there are not many feeds it only updates twice per day.

I build this in my spare time. It’s fun to build on top of SSB. To me it is more like a read-only static APP on SSB. The contents I intended to show while building the site are non-personal and of public interest content such as tech, science, history and art.

Hugo is a very powerful product and has a very warm community. I got lots of help while building this website from the community. I would like to thank all people building HUGO and all users here!

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