WARN doesn't say what filename the warning is from

Building sites … WARN 2020/04/29 10:23:49 Page.URL is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use .Permalink or .RelPermalink. If what you want is
the front matter URL value, use .Params.url
WARN 2020/04/29 10:23:50 .File.BaseFileName on zero object. Wrap it in if or with: {{ with .File }}{{ .BaseFileName }}{{ end }}

Shouldn’t it be expected that if there is a problem with the template, to actually show which template’s path is affected? Or am I missing a switch?

Sidenote: I wonder why hugo developers chose hugo version and not a switch like hugo -v to show the version.

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@hendry I ran into this issue recently as well, and was hoping for verbose output of some sort that would include filenames and/or line numbers. Did you happen to find a solution to this, by any chance?

Nope :confused:

I filed this, hopefully someone will comment and help us out: