Waline - another Comment System for static site

Official site and demo: Waline | Waline

I built a serverless comment system for static site, also can be used in hugo~

It’s fast and safe, simple and lightweight. Free deploy with multiple platform(Vercel, Deta, Railway, Render, Docker, self host…) and store service(LeanCloud, Deta Base, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL…) support.

It has a simple backend dashboard to manage comments.

It also has social account login (Twitter, Facebook, GitHub…), notification and some spam forbidden action.

Here is a quick start to use it: Get Started | Waline

I hope you’ll like it! :grin:


nice one

nice clean UI, are there any security vulnerabilities if hosting on a vps direct hosting?


Looks like a Leancloud account is required for $5.00 per day minimum, means $150 monthly. Do I read that correctly?

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there has nothing difference between serverless and direct hosting, we have some basic security guard action like xss, you don’t worry it. also you can use docker to deploy it if you very mind it.

You can use Leancloud developer plan, that’s free and the limit enough for us. If you not like it, you can also use some other free store service like mongodb.com, elephantsql.com or supabase.com to store our data.

Installation seems too complex and no selfhosting guide. Nice design though. You can add your comment solution to this site: Commenting for Jamstack | CloudCannon


@baker Thanks for your advice, I’ll add into it later~
we want all people can deploy it successfully, so I wrote installation documentation step by step in detail. maybe it seems too complex~ :rofl:
here is a documentation for self hosting Independent deployment | Waline

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